How To Find Export Opportunities During Covid-19 Pandemic

While Covid-19 causes problems for all countries around the globe, India could see massive growth once the world heals and reopens.

Even with the extreme circumstances that we’re all currently living with there is a massive amount of opportunity for India and international trade.

If you’re thinking about entering India’s import export market there may never be a better time.

Here’s 15 Reasons Why:

Covid-19 effect: Time for Made-in-India tag to go global

China and its handling of the virus has impacted the economics of globalisation, fuelled anger in world capitals, and flamed anti-Chinese campaigns. Dependent on made-in-China goods and raw materials, nations the world over are today rethinking trade ties with the country.

Covid-19 serves opportunity for increasing India’s exports, should be seen as ‘blessing in disguise’

The outbreak of Covid-19 in the country should be seen as a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Indian industry, and India can emerge as a potential alternative choice for cost-efficient, quality products which are preferred from China

Global firms look to shift from China to India

“There is a clear negative sentiment against China. We have received requests for supply from India,” said Amrit Manwani, president of Electronic Industries Association of India. “If we play our cards right, we could double our exports (of electronic products) in three years’ time.”

In a first, Kashi exports 4 tonnes vegetables to UK

Amid coronavirus lockdown, there is some good news from the agrcultural sector in the Varanasi region. For the first time, a consignment of four tonnes of green vegetables including chilli, cucumber and bottl gourd (lauki) has been sent to Delhi to be exported to the UK, which is reeling under the onslaught of the virus.

How will India’s organic food market shape up after the coronavirus

We have been hearing a lot about organic food, especially since the past 10 years or so. During this time, the market for Organics worldwide, as well as in India, has grown steadily. As per an ASSOCHAM study, the Indian Organic market stood at over Rs 1,200 crore last year and this year the market is expected to cross Rs 2,000 crore. This appreciable markup is on account of the fact that the demand for organic food has been climbing consistently ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown in its wake.

Grapes leading Indian export growth

Before the disruption of the coronavirus pandemic grapes and bananas were driving growth in Indian fruit exports. While India’s fresh produce industry grapples with the effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19), exporters hope once the pandemic passes they can return to the environment that saw consistent growth in the past five years.

COVID-19 boosts local demand for premium fruits and vegetables in India

Indian growers and processors of premium fruits and vegetables are increasingly focusing on the domestic market and tying up with delivery chains like Swiggy, as home demand for top-end perishables has increased while exports have reduced. Domestic consumers are willing to pay a premium to get hygienic and nutritional daily essentials.

Covid-19 impact : Indian honey attracts new buyers from Japan, South Korea and Australia

“A number of global buyers who want to hedge their positions are now looking at India as an alternate market to China to source honey in bulk and bottled form. It’s a good opportunity for us,” said Pankaj Mishra, CEO of New Delhi-based Apis India.

“We see great potential for Indian mangoes in the European market”

“In the last 5 years we saw good growth for the Indian mangoes (Kesar & Alphonso in particular) in the global market. The UK has become the largest market for Kesar & Alphonso mangoes, followed by the US and Europe. India is the largest producer of mangoes and is all set to feed the global demand. The Kesar variety is a new favorite and more popular in comparison to other Indian varieties”, says Jaswinder Bhamra, MB of the import company RhineLink, located in Hamburg, Germany, who imports conventional and organic mangoes from India, among other exotic fruits.

Palm oil trade with India looking good again

A palm oil analyst foresees prospects for Malaysian palm oil exports to India continuing to improve following reports that importers in the South Asian country last week contracted 200,000 tonnes of the commodity.

India phone exports more than doubled on-year to 3.6 crore units in FY19-20

China has been losing lustre as world’s phone factory as the supply chain and production ecosystem has been steadily shifting abroad due rising costs, trade tensions with the US, and a re-prioritization of other consumer markets, research firm Counterpoint had said in a report.

Smartphone chargers exports can touch $4.7 bn; India may capture 50% of global charger market

The Indian export of all chargers has risen from $143.05 million in 2016-17 to $366.78 million in 2019-20 (April-December) with an estimated CAGR of 40% for last 3 years.The global market for chargers in 2025 is estimated to be $10 billion with smart chargers comprising around 70% of the market.

Covid-19 outbreak could be Indian pharma’s big opportunity in Africa

Indian pharmaceutical industry aspires to become the world’s largest supplier of drugs by 2030. India aims to increase its industry revenue to $120 billion-$130 billion by 2030 from current revenue of $38 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11-12%.

India’s plastic exporters eye China’s market share in western world

Indian plastic exporters are aggressively looking to grab China’s share in the global market as developed countries have started scouting for alternative supply sources, in their bid to exit China. Many of these nations are holding Beijing responsible for unabated spread of the pandemic.

Gearing-up to capture export opportunities

Union Cabinet Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal wants India’s food processing industry to capture the massive export opportunity which will occur on the back of Covid-19 triggered shift in global trade.

Footwear industry bets on anti-China sentiments

Union Cabinet Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal wants India’s food processing industry to capture the massive export opportunity which will occur on the back of Covid-19 triggered shift in global trade.